Hash/Check is a simple app to verify downloaded files by hash.

That's it. That's the app.

New and Improved Hash/Check 2.0 for 2023!
Now with Multithreading for Better Performance!
No More Beachballing!

The concept is very simple. You download a file. The website you downloaded a file from (nicely) provides you with a hash to verify the file you have in your Downloads folder matches what the website thinks you downloaded. The app was inspired by this post about a malicious copy of HandBrake going around. As most people don't download a file, pop open the Terminal and run shasum /path/to/file and check the hashes match, I figured I'd make a go at making the act of hash checking (see what I did there?) simple.

To that end, I created a quick app a few years ago and threw it in the App Store. It throws an icon on your Mac status bar and when you download a file from a website, it will create the hash values of the most recent file in Downloads folder - then all you have to do is select the hash on the website, ⌘ c is your friend, and boom. It is either a match or it isn't.

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